After An Auto mishap: Keeping Your Cool And Not Letting Your Emotions Take Over

Turn the head so you can look over your right shoulder. Hold. Rest. Repeat looking over alternate shoulder. Rest. Repeat. Use a soft ball. First place the back of the head on the ball, resting on a wall. Try moving the ball in circles, or in figures of eight. Rest. Repeat. Try the same exercise, but now placing the ball between the forehead and the wall.
Talk to a supervisor. If the claims adjuster handling your auto loss won't listen to reacon or the facts, talk to his supervisor. Explain your version of he accident and why the liability decision is wrong. The supervisor will then take a second look at the accident details and liability. He will determine if your reasons for contesting it are right.
Session after session, week after week she talked about how her parents had failed her. They didn't support her. They didn't celebrate her birthdays. They didn't think she was as important as her younger sister. Rarely did her story deviate with her therapist, her friends or even acquaintances. She truly believed she could be a happy person if only her parents had loved her the way she wanted. Her continual thoughts about the pain of her past kept her in a depressed mood.
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#9 Iowa - #24 Arizona - Another Big 10 - Pac 10 showdown. See Washington above for my take on the Wildcat's ranking. Both teams stress defense and feature surprisingly efficient offenses (at least in the early going). This one is close early, but Iowa pulls away - 21-13.
#15 LSU - Mississippi State - 7 pm Saturday in Baton Rouge and the Cajuns will be well lubricated. LSU has looked vulnerable in it's two wins and the Bulldogs played Auburn tough. I think there'll be too much "home cooking" for Miss. State to prevail. I "guarontee" LSU 17-10.
About midway through the program, it seemed so important that they broke in for a special report to show a freezing reporter standing in front of a dark building with a few flames coming out the top.
After any auto accident, you should automatically be seen by a doctor. Not everyone follows this advice however. Just because you can talk and walk does not mean that you are fine. There could be many things going wrong with your body that you are simply unaware of at the moment. Some people experience pain that comes only days after the accident. Believe it or not, with whiplash, the major - painful symptoms can actually take a few years to show up.
The next step is to get out of your car and exchange information with the driver of the other vehicle. The information you need to collect includes the person's name and contact information, insurance provider and policy number, driver's license number and vehicle license plate number. Also jot down some notes about the other vehicle, such as model, make, year and any distinguishing physical characteristics. If you have a camera or cell phone with a camera, take pictures of both your car as well as the other car.

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